Roller Coaster Fun Facts!

Roller coasters are at the heart of almost every theme park, providing an adrenaline rush for adults and children. The roller coaster facts are the things that set each coaster different from one another because it gives them different lengths, speeds, accelerations, lift hills, heights, the giga of the coaster, if the roller coaster is wooden or steel, how many inversions it has. There are many different things that makes a ride what it is. Some are over water, some are by water and some are just on the ground. It is crazy how many different things you can do to make a roller coaster different. Discover some of the fastest, tallest, largest and longest roller coasters around, along with other fun and interesting roller coaster facts.

Giga Coaster: The name for this kind of roller coaster started at Cedar Point to describe a roller coaster that has a full circuit that is over three hundred feet high, that’s like the Millennium Force at Cedar Point and the Expedition GeForce that is in Germany.

The roller coasters with a full circuit are the rides that are a couple minutes long and are usually the crowd favorites because they last the longest when you have to wait in the long lines for the rides first. Nobody likes waiting in a long ride to ride something that doesn’t last very long and is not that fun. The longer the ride, the more fun the ride usually is.

The Fastest: The fastest roller coaster in the world goes to the Formula Rossa ride, at Abu Dhabi’s Formula One theme park. The ride launched thrill seekers to a top speed of 149 miles per hour.

LIM (Linear Induction Motor): A linear induction motor is a magnetic motor that is used to launch a roller coaster train along or up a section of a steel track, like the ride Flight of Fear at Kings Island. LSM (Linear Synchronous Motors) is pretty much the same idea, but the technology that is used to propel the train is different.

The motor has everything to do with the ride, no motor no ride.

The Longest: The longest roller coaster in the world can be found at Japan’s Nagashima Spa Land. The steel dragon 2000 has a track that covers 8133 feet.

Highest Number of Inversions: The Colossus roller coaster in Thorpe Park, England, has an incredible 10 inversions.

Traveling Coaster: A traveling coaster is a coaster that can be taken apart and moved to a completely new location which is usually the same idea as a traveling carnival when they take apart the rides and they move them to a different location into a different city. Olympia Looping in Germany is the largest roller coaster that you can take apart and move, it even contains five loops.

Longest Wooden Coaster: The longest wooden coaster is Beast at Kings Island.

Roller Coaster Science: Most conventional roller coasters do not have engines, instead they work by converting potential energy into kinetic energy.

The First Steel Roller Coaster: The first steel roller coaster was created in 1959, which is the Matterhorn bobsled roller coaster that was built for Disneyland, in Anaheim, California.

First Flip Wooden Coaster: There is only one wooden flip coaster and it is the Son of Beast at Kings Island. Wooden roller coasters that flip are so rare because it would be extremely hard to make a wooden coaster that flips since they are made to just ride the rides when one bar instead of one that goes over your shoulders.

Fourth Dimension Coaster: A fourth dimension coaster is designed each individual car moves independently flip on a horizontal axis. An example is the X roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. There is another fourth dimension roller coaster that your seats spin around while your riding the coaster so you can sit backwards, forwards and even to the sides.

The Tallest: The tallest roller coaster is the Kingda Ka which can be found at Six Flags Great Adventure Park, which is currently the tallest in the world, reaching a height of 465 feet.

Top Thrill Dragster used to be the tallest until the Kingda Ka was built as the exact same ride, except for the slight height difference.

The Oldest: The oldest roller coaster was built in 1904, and still stands today in Lakemont Park, Pennsylvania. I doubt it is stilling running because of how old it is, which doesn’t seem like it would be very safe because of the fact that it is one hundred and nine years in age. In roller coaster years that is extremely old for how well they work.

The Largest Amount: Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky Ohio, has the highest number of roller coasters, with 18 different rides to choose from.

Random Fun Fact: In 2010, 102 roller coaster enthusiasts set a new world record at Adventure Island in Essex for the most amount of people to ride a roller coaster nude.

Longest Time on a Roller Coaster: Richard Rodriguez holds the world record for the longest time spent on a roller coaster, he rode for a total of 401 hours.


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